June 11, 2011

Amazing handbags


Women handbags - is not only functional thing of the image, but also a mean of expression. When choosing a bag, women just give up on such parameter as "necessary" and use the option "I want" or "like". Even in the business image you can pick up a bag of your soul, despite the fact that it will meet certain requirements.
Bags for everyday wear should be light, comfortable and roomy with soft colors. You should buy a bag of bright color only if you already have the dark, as bright bag can’t fit to all dresses and suits. It is desirable that the color of bag will be combined with the color of the costume, supplementing and adorning it. For example, the green coat suit with brown shoes and brown bag, a blue suit or dress - a red bag and red cardigan. White handbag, shoes and gloves adorn any dress. In addition, this suite can make any kind of summer suit.
Evening handbags are mostly of small sizes. They may take the form of a wallet, oval, triangular and even round. They are made from leather, suede, moiré, velvet, rep, taffeta, brocade, nylon, etc. These bags can be embroidered with beads, thread, sequins.
Sports bags make special arrangements for carrying them on your belt or over your shoulder. These bags in most cases have special compartments for shoes, wet clothes, etc.
Travel bags are different from business, they have a lining and in most cases have the metal lock.
Shopping handbags are made from a practical material, you can made them by yourself.
Bags for the beach are made of different leather substitutes and waterproof fabric or any fabric with a waterproof lining. These bags can be made at home from the remnants of various cotton fabrics (from the dressing-gown, sundress or bathing suit). Beach bags can also be made of painted or embroidered linen, colored ribbons, different pieces of variegated or solid color fabric. Colors of such bags should be bright and decorative. Handle to the beach bag can be wooden, plastic or made of bright filament.